Beeple’s collage, Everydays: The First 5000 Days, recently sold as a digital artwork at Christie’s for $69-million. (Image: Beeple)

For years, there’s been a binary debate around cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. For the sceptics, they’re a fad, representing nothing more than technological solutions in search of a problem. For the…

This week I want to fire up a debate about how you communicate with your colleagues at work.

Specifically, I want to kick-start a conversation that inspires you to look at ways to reduce the time you spend on email!

This isn’t going to be a balanced argument.

It can’t…


Before diving in, a quick thank you in advance for sharing your ideas about what CEO’s should focus on when building or turning around a business, in the comments section below.

Whether you agree or disagree with the opinions I’m about to share, do let’s continue the debate. There are…

#openexo #purposefulorganisations #exponentialthinking

This is an updated version of an earlier article called ‘An Abundance of Capital for Purposeful Startups’.

I recently gave a keynote to a corporate audience, where I highlighted that exponential technologies allowed startups to quickly become significant and sometimes even existential threats to legacy incumbents.


RAIN is a beautiful example of how startups can create existential threats for big businesses.

But first lets set the scene, by exploring RAIN’s offering.

If your initial impression is that there is not a cat-in-hells chance RAIN could ever be a serious threat to the big four incumbents…

Saturday, 10th February 2017

Dear Astro,

A huge thank you for encouraging me to post this article. That fact alone reaffirms my belief that the book ‘Why Corporates Should Build a Moonshot Factory (and how to do it)’ needs to be written and needs to be written by you.


Colin Iles

CEO of The Equinox

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